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St. Vincent


On her fifth album as St. Vincent, Annie Clark embraces the sound of pop, but with something darker and more intriguing bubbling underneath.

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Take Me Apart

We've been waiting for an LP since her first mixtape in 2013, and this does not disappoint. Powerful and self-assured, Kelela has come into her own.

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Tori Amos

Native Invader

15 albums deep, Tori is as inventive as ever. A beautifully composed, poetic, and political album from one of pop's most distinctive voices.

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King Krule


The OOZ is Archy Marshall's first release under the King Krule moniker in 4 years, and in that time his sound has darkened and expanded.

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Four Tet

New Energy

While Kieran Hebden's recent releases have focused on hypnotic dance rhythms, his latest LP strikes a more wandering and reflective tone.

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Taking the mellower tones of 2014's Morning Phase and adding a pop edge to it, Colors is a brighter, happier side of Beck than we've seen before.

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Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile

Lotta Sea Lice

This is a pairing that makes perfect sense when you think about it - two of our favourite weirdos covering and collaborating.

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Robert Plant

Carry Fire

Robert Plant's personal take on folk, blues, and country is tempered with a taste for experimentation - this legend shows no signs of resting on his laurels.

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Die! Die! Die!

Charm. Offensive.

NZ's hardest working punks haven't lost any of their raucous energy, and their latest LP has got us excited to crowd-surf at a D!D!D! gig like it's 2010.

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Gang Signs & Prayer

At 24, Stormzy is already the biggest name in grime. Mixing gospel and pop with hard-hitting beats and biting wit, his excellent debut shows us just why that is.

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Great North

The Golden Age

On their fourth album, kiwi expats Great North sing of friendship, loss, failure, and the trials of the working musician - and optimism in the face of it all.

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Not quite the blues tribute of his last album, nor quite the electronic leanings of his earlier work, Fink's latest strikes a balance all of its own.

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Jordan Rakei


A move to London, a feature with Disclosure, and now a sophomore full-length LP released on Ninja Tune - NZ's own Jordan Rakei is on the rise!

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The founders of infamous dance label Feel My Bicep have finally released an album of their own - a genre-hopping melange of UK dance styles.

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Neil Young


A fascinating archival release of Neil Young's 1976 drugs-and-booze fueled, one-night recording session, presented as a single work for the first time.

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Oh Sees


They may have lost the 'Thee', in their fifth name change since their debut, but they certainly haven't lost their energy or their experimental spirit.

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Foo Fighters

Concrete and Gold

Still going strong with their ninth album, Foo Fighters make a promise on the cover of Concrete and Gold to "test the limits of speakers everywhere.".

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Iron and Wine

Beast Epic

Sam Beam returns to the delicate folk instrumentation and softly-spoken vocals of his early work, and the resulting songs are just as gorgeous and moving.

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Neil Finn

Out of Silence

Despite being recorded over a series of live-streamed events, Neil Finn's latest is not a showy affair; subtle, textured, artfully crafted pop.

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Strange Dreams

Christchurch experimental violinist Anita Clark has produced a beautiful and expansive sophomore, with a helping hand from New Dawn bandmate Indi Force.

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Grayson Gilmour


We're the only store where you can buy Grayson Gilmour's new album from Grayson Gilmour himself. His customer service is as good as his music!

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The National

Sleep Well Beast

Beloved depressed-alt-rockers The National are back with a seventh album, expanding their sound palette into new territories to great effect.

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cave circles

my heart is a beating drum

Riki Gooch has finally gone solo! Get in quick to grab a hand-painted & numbered EP, released through our very own label, RPR.

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Black Angels

Death Song

It's bloody good.

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Grayson Gilmour


My 7 year old daughter loves it!

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Grayson Gilmour


My mum loves it!

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Perfume Genius

No Shape

Brilliant, unusual songwriting and a captivating voice.

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Toro Y Moi

Boo Boo

Chaz Bundick is quite possibly the coolest person who has ever lived.

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