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Fis/Rob Thorne

Clear Stones

Experimental electronica auteur Fis and traditional Maori instrumentalist Rob Thorne have teamed up to create this powerful, mind-bending album.

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Perfume Genius

No Shape

This is Mike Hadreas' most self-assured album yet - a transcendental celebration of love and queer culture that makes for a beautiful, uplifting listen.

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Forest Swords


Dark, uneasy electronica sounds are joined by haunting vocal melodies and intricate percussion on Forest Swords' excellent sophomore album.

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Shake the Shudder

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) make music you want to dance to, and their latest is no exception - an album full of raucous, infectious electro-funk-punk.

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Benny Tones

Maybe in the Stars/Time

The renowned sound engineer for the likes of Electric Wire Hustle is a damn good producer too. Check out his new 12"!

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Name UL


Wellington hip-hop wunderkind Name UL's debut album is finally out on wax - released through our very own Rough Peel Records.

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It may have been 22 years, but Slowdive haven't lost their touch. Let these beautifully crafted shoegaze soundscapes wash over you.

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Oh Feist, how we've missed you. Picking up where the wonderful Metals left off six years ago, this album is exactly what we've been waiting for.

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Nick Cave

Lovely Creatures

A beautifully designed retrospective of Nick Cave's very best work with the Bad Seeds - we can't imagine how hard it must've been to choose.

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At the Drive In

In-ter A-li-a

They're back, and they haven't lost any of their energy in the last 16 years - Cedric screams and Omar shreds as if it were still 2001.

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Kingston Allstars

Kingston Allstars

The name says it all; an all-star lineup of Kingston's reggae legends come together, and the results are as spectacular as you'd hope.

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The kind of come-back album you always hope for, and very rarely get. Blondie's classic sound, revamped and reinvigorated.

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Has it really been 7 years? Nonetheless, Albarn's latest outing as Gorillaz is as brilliant as ever, with all-star features complementing Albarn's production.

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El Michels Affair

Return to the 37th Chamber

El Michels Affair are back, paying homage to the Wu Tang Clan through hazy live re-imaginings on this entirely analog record.

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Lord Echo


Staying true to his mix of old school dancehall, reggae, funk, and soul, local producer Lord Echo enlists Mara TK and others on his latest release.

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Joey Bada$$

All-Amerikkkan Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ gets political for the first time on his latest release, threading anger and hope through his deft and skillful bars.

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cave circles

my heart is a beating drum

Riki Gooch has finally gone solo! Get in quick to grab a hand-painted & numbered EP, released through our very own label, RPR.

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Nicolas Jaar


Strange, eclectic, and beautiful.

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Run The Jewels


How is this just as good as RTJ2? How???

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Kate Tempest

Let Them Eat Chaos

An all too real portrayal of London, and humanity at large, in this turbulent day and age.

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I like how it goes forwards and backwards.

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He finally released a solo album! His voice alone is amazing enough, but turns out he's a brilliant songwriter too.

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Jamie xx

In Colour

Listening to the new xx reminded me of how awesome this album is. So good!

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